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I have a 99 4x4 cevy blazer, about a month ago it started an

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I have a 99 4x4 cevy blazer, about a month ago it started an intermittent fault. try to start the car in park, lights come on but will not start, leave for a few minutes then it would start. gradually got worse now will not start at all. could it be the park neutral switch on the transmission?

If you are experiencing that the starter does not engage when you turn the key to Start, your primary suspects would be the park neutral safety switch and the ignition switch.

If you place the shifter into Neutral and the truck starts, that makes it a sure thing for the safety switch.

If there is no change in Neutral, but you are able to manipulate the condition by wiggling the key around, applying abnormal pressure, etc, that will generally indicate the ignition switch.

Other less likely issues would be a fault in the starter or cables/connections at the battery.... if these were the case you would most likely hear a defined click or clunk under the bonnet when you turn the key to Start position. If you have silence, then odds are it is one of the previous above possibilities.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.


Thanks for your help, I tried the wiring & ignition switch earlier today, they are fine, so I guess I'll have to find someone with a ramp. I think there may be a small amount of adjustment in the switch, so I'll try that.

Thanks again .


Hi Dave,

Yes you can adjust the safety switch slightly and that may be what you need to save the say here. Typically you will still be able to start in Neutral even if a little out of adjustment so that Park won't work, however there is an additional trick you do too.... set your parking brake and firmly apply the brake pedal.
Turn the key to the Start position and slowly pull the shifter down through the gears and listen if your start bumps momentarily, indicating an alignment issue.

If you get no response from any gear position it is possible the switch is plain dead. Go over all of your fuses just in case something was overlooked, and if all is well there and your cables and ignition switch are OK, that only leaves the safety switch or starter... and again the starter will normally click/clunk if it is the case.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.


Sorry for the delay, I've been running through everything again, just to make sure. the starter motor, battery, & ignition switch are all ok. I've just tried your test, running through each gear & there is no response in any gear, so I have ordered a new switch. I'll let you know how I get on when I've fitted it. Thanks again for your help, It is much appreciated.


No problem Dave, it sounds like that is the right direction at this point as everything else relative has checked out OK.

If you need anything else just let me know, and good luck!