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I was on my way to Manchester airport on Monday 25th Feb and

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I was on my way to Manchester airport on Monday 25th Feb and pulled in at a service station on the M56. When I returned to my vehicle I started the engine and left it idling for approximately 2 minutes when the engine suddenly stopped, I tried to start the vehicle again and the engine would not turn over, all lights on the dashboard were active, as was central locking and electric windows, wipers etc. so I presumed the battery was OK. I called the AA and they arrived and immediately stated that the battery was flat! When he applied a voltmeter to the battery terminals it showed a reading of 12.67 volts, he then placed a set of jump leads from the AA Van to my vehicle and proceeded to start the engine, nothing happened, the engine would not turn over, he then connected a booster pack alongside the jump leads and the meter reading increased to 14.97 volts, again the engine would not turn over, all we could hear was a clicking noise near the location of the starter motor, it was then he suggested that it could be a starter motor problem, I advised that I needed to be at Manchester airport within the hour, so we tow started my vehicle and got the engine started after rolling a couple of yards. I reached my destination without any problems, I stopped the engine as normal and tried to start again but had the same problem whereby it would not start.
It may well be the starter motor, it could also be a relay fault which is preventing the current from getting to the starter motor, hence the clicking noise.

I would like to know what possible faults could be the reason before I return to the UK in April so that I can plan forward a solution with regards XXXXX XXXXX my vehicle for repairs.

My Vehicle details are as follows:
Registration: A1XYN (formerly BK55CCZ)
Colour: BLUE
Variant: 3 Door SWB
Fuel Type: Heavy Oil
Engine Size (CC): 3200
Engine Number 4M41GX5699 (maybe correct)
Transmission: 5 Gear Manual
First registered: 07/09/2005


this is a starter fault the clicking you here is the starter solenoid operating this then hits the contacts and provides the current to the starter to spin .

the problem with this is thatthe contacts wear down and can not make contact.

a replacement starter is required.

regards rob

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi Rob,

Thanks for your resposne which was very helpful, I have now made contact with a Mitsubishi dealer and he got their mechanic to look at my story and he responded with "thinking the most likely cause is a broken earth strap. This would cause the engine to stop and not restart but still leave the other electrics working, as they have a different earth. It seems to me to be the most obvious cause" Please advise if you tend to agree?




hi Alwyn.

i have to disagree if the engines earth harness has broken you would not even hear a click from the solenoid as this and the starter share the same earth.

regaards rob