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He there ive recently had strange problem with my oil warning

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He there ive recently had strange problem with my oil warning light, it comes on very randomly some days there seems to be no pattern, i changed the oil filter and the oil and was okay for a day then back on, im hoping to change the oil pressure switch sensor in the next couple of days hoping it is just that but am unsure were to lacate it and wether this means i have to re drain my oil again, its a 2002 vw golf 1.4 will be great if you could help me.

Hi .

Yes go ahead and replace the oil pressure switch, as this sounds like a typical malfunctioning switch .

No need to drain the oil to replace this ,

The oil pressure switch is next to the oil filter and looks like one of the possible two below .


Need further assistance then please get back to me .

Rgds Greg
Greg and other Car Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks managed to find it this morning and replaced it was the second sensor you pictured, so far so good no light :) fingures crossed it stays like that, if it comes on again what would you suggest the next thing i should try, if there is anything ? Im getting scary information on google that preety much say that might aswell get a new car as wont have much more life in it due to ware.

Many thanks. Steve

Hi Steve ,

With internet search engines you have to be careful, as a lot of BS is posted from
all sorts of life walk, that not always correct .

If the light starts to flash/flicker again, then all you have to do is have a mechanical oil pressure test done , if this reads low then you have to drop the oil pan and check the oil pick up for any restrictions , if the pick up is clean then a oil pump replacement is needed ,if the engine is in good condition and not too many miles on it, then this would be worth doing .
Oh before you do all this, make sure you have the right oil filter fitted ,

Need further assistance Steve, then just let me know .

Kindest regards Greg