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Hi, have a Nissan Almeria, since yesterday when I gently go

Customer Question

Hi, have a Nissan Almeria, since yesterday when I gently go on the brake it makes a horrible grating noise. Not all the time and not when I break hard. Any advice greatly recieved. Cheers
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.



Hopefully i can help..


First most likly checks would be the condition of your front pads if thats where you tend to hear noise coming from ie:- pads thickness both sides more so the inner pad - braking surface for any grooves on the disc itself too not forgetting the inner side for any pitting or missing areas on the surface excess rust build up over the egde of the disc itself....aswell as checking the above - they can clean or over haul the front brakes "replace pads if required" /clean up guides/shims and apply anti squeel compound onto the guides to etc refit everything back and see if anything has improved ..Usually if the pads are getting low then the metal backing of the pad cantend to cause this as it wears or starting to come into contact with the disc surface.If the noise can be replicated at a very slow speed then it maybe worth jacking up that side and spin the wheel by hand to get a better idea as to the exact location of said noise..Aswell check the abs trigger ring for any defects too,and any possible wheel bearing issues too..added to that it would be worth trying to guage exactly where the noise is coming from wether it be the front or the back brakes before you make any checks .i do hope this helps