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Robert, UK Qualified Car Technician
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have bought a 2008 ibiza which has no aircon. can i have this

Customer Question

have bought a 2008 ibiza which has no aircon. can i have this fitted?


Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.



Hopefully i can help..


In the long run it would be pretty expensive to have air-con retro fitted especially if the car was built without it and there is the off chance the car simply cant be retro fitted with it anyway - if where to go down that route you would need to actually obtain the complete system - in which can include parts such as a compressor and mountings if they can be fitted to your engine - of course as simply some engines will not have the mounting areas for it - a larger auxillary belt to run the compresser anyway plus the extra guide pulley ./ drier unit. /evaporator / condenser / condenser fan / possibily another radiator . new heater box / all the sensors basically for automatic temp control. the relevant solid high and low pipework for the air conditioning - the wiring loom / relays,fuses as such and switches and control panel to control inside the car for the air-con in the first place plus any relevent changes to the cars own main ECU to compensate for the air-con fitted. then get it pressurised with all in all - it would be in view alot of work and man hours and heck of alot of money combined to actually acheive this - as you could be looking a good few thousand pounds anyway maybe more, there may also be the added problem of some garages may actually shy away from such a job as it usually something that ins't really often carried out if i where to be honest or the garage simply doesn't have the expertise..I do hope this helps