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Ross, Diagnostic and repair technician
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mark 3 vw golf 1.6 cl has a starting problem turns over but

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mark 3 vw golf 1.6 cl has a starting problem turns over but takes a long time to fire

techmachine :

Hi, welcome to Just answer! My name is XXXXX XXXXX i will help with your question

techmachine :

Is this normally happening when hot, cold or both? How long does it take to eventually get started?


it happens when hot and cold normally takes about a minute to start used to start straight away then it got worst like on second turn off the key now you just have to keep turning it over and will start adventurely

techmachine :

Ok, there are a few common problems on the 1.6L engines.

I would recommend the car is scanned for fault codes using a diagnostic scanner if possible, many sensor problems will show up here which can save a lot of guessing and eliminates the risk of fitting the wrong parts, but not all of the problems will show a fault code, If you choose not to have the car scanned or there are no fault codes, it will be a bit of a process of elimination. Most of the parts are relatively cheap and easy to fit to cure this problem.

The first suspect would be the main ECU relay. - this will not show any faults on diagnostics. The relay is located in the fuse box under the drivers dash board (number 30 printed on it) They can start sticking so when the ignition is switched on, the ECU and fuel pump remains switched off, it takes some time before it eventually clicks over and gives power to the ECU -- With your symptoms this would be the first suspect, lucky its also one of the cheapest to fix. You can usually tell if the relay is sticking by leaving the car for 10 mins, then switching the ignition ON - Listen carefully for a buzz from the rear of the vehicle, this is the fuel pump priming. If you dont hear this noise, the relay is probably causing the problem. The relay is usually around £20 from an auto factor.

The next would be the ECT (Engine coolant temperature sensor) This is a very common problem on these, it often causes rough running and/or poor economy too, but not always. This sensor is a 4 pin sensor that clips into the top radiator pipe where it joins the cylinder head. This usually does show on diagnostics, but not always. I recommend this are changed because most fail within 5-6 years and the part is around £15 from a motor factor.

Finally would be the coil -- this causes a whole host of problems on these but i would expect to see a misfire with it from time to time. I would leave this until last because i strongly suspect the relay will be the cause of this problem.

techmachine :

Please ask if you need further assistance with any of the info I have given you or have further questions -- I will be happy to continue my assistance until the problem is solved. Thanks, Ross.

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