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Peterkmiles, UK Car Mechanic
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I have went to change the grey towbar electrical head (usually

Customer Question

I have went to change the grey towbar electrical head (usually 7 core) and have discovered its only 5 core cable being used. Yellow, blue, red, black and (brown and white) combined. Can this be wired onto the 7 pin plug? If so can you give direction? Thanks
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Peterkmiles replied 4 years ago.

Peterkmiles : Ok, so lets start by explaining how it should be wired.
Peterkmiles : looking at the connector,the top pin at number 12 on a clock face is pin 1, running clockwise round to pin 6 being at 11 pm on the clock face and number 7 being the centrepin.
Peterkmiles : pin 1 should be yellow and is for the left flasher
Peterkmiles : Pin 2 should be blue and for the fog lamp
Peterkmiles : Pin 3 should be white and is the earth
Peterkmiles : Pin 4 should be the right hand flasher and is green
Peterkmiles : Pin 5 should be the right hand side light and is brown
Peterkmiles : Pin 6 should be he brake lights and is red
Peterkmiles : pinredoing 7 should be the left hand side light and is black
Peterkmiles : thse ar obviously the switching circuits and the will all have a looped common, be tht ground or live.
Peterkmiles : just confirm if its the car socket you are changing or th trailers male plug
JACUSTOMER-wayvca1d- : Hi, it's the light grey towbar plug I am looking to change not the main black one. It is numbered 1 to 7 but the car cable ( already there )is 5 core... 5 cables. Yellow, blue, red black and a combined brown+ white. It's a caravan 7 pin circuit. Thanks
Peterkmiles : Ok, yellow is pin 1 and is for the reverse lights
Peterkmiles : Blue is pin 2 and for ignition positive, battery charging
Peterkmiles : Red is pin 6 and is for ignition positive for fridge
Peterkmiles : Black is pin 7 and is for fridge ground
Peterkmiles : Brown is pin 5 and for a reverse sensor if fitted
Peterkmiles : White is pin 3 and is the earth
Peterkmiles : hope this helps