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got oil change and were told 4.5 to 6.5 liters of oil was put

Customer Question

got oil change and were told 4.5 to 6.5 liters of oil was put in.
Should the oil reach the bulb on dip stick? book recomends 9 lt
After few days terrible squeeking noise. mile on red oil light came on loud racket no smoke.
stopper within 50 yards. dipped oil and could see none on raised bulb.put in 4 liters which took it above bulb 2 inches.drove futherhalf mile black smoke and racket.Parked.
Mechanic says oil pump has been giving up slowly.would the pump not just stop working suddenly with lack of oil . engine racked.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.



Hopefully i can help..


The official amount according to my info for that vehicle/engine inc filter is 5 litres of oil - 9litres i would say would be way to much and if overfilled could potentially blow internal oil seals due to the increased pressure or the engine will throw oil out via the exhaust system/mechanical internal damage could be caused to the lower end - There will be markers on the dipstick to see what the oil level is at when cold and hot "details i would imagine be in the owners manual" - if the oil level hadn't reached the tip of the dipstick at all or there was no reading even when tested cold and hot - then there wasn't enough oil of lack of it in the first place and this could most likely potentially cause issues again internally especially top end wise where you would hear allot of noise due to the lack of oil circulation/oil pump running dry / aswell as the turbo itself not getting a sufficient supply of oil to it/the bearings and thus will wear out and fail eventually / lack of oil pressure/maybe due to the failing oil pump in which the oil warning light should have come on..Oil pumps in a sense fail in all manners of ways some fail suddenly/some wear over time and start failing to circulate oil efficiently/some fail due to the pick up strainer in the sump being blocked - as is the case with both you would of had oil pressure issues or at least some advanced warning wither it be the oil light or the engine basically running really rattly or the engine running noisier than usual mechanically speaking due to the lack or oil circulating around the engine - especially more so when first starting - cold/left overnight and the oils thicker and most of it is in the sump aswell as during running you hear the pump mechanically breaking down depending how it fails as it gets hotter.if that was the case if wearing out and oil pressure test would confirm that... i do hope this helps.. if you need ask anything else just continue