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My Suzuki grand vitara 3 door petrol 1600cc. After my last

Customer Question

My Suzuki grand vitara 3 door petrol 1600cc.
After my last service my front pads were replaces and there is a terrible squeeling like metal to metal when I brake.
The garage says there is nothing wrong. They stated that this happens owing to the new brake pads
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.



Hopefully I can help..


There can be a lot of factors that can cause this..the obvious would be to maybe give time for the pads to "bed in" so to speak - all new pads need time to do that and can take several hundred miles etc for them fully settle.especially if its the same discs as the pads have to settle into the exsisting disc brake surface area,any excess grooves/lips on the disc will cause this too,so maybe if the disc are to badly scored or grooves as mentione then those maybe need replaced or resurfaced/ machined..another could be lack of lubrication ie: on the non brakingside of the pads or the carrier / a pad shim could be moving in to near the disc when applying the brakes..or the pads are very low thing you could maybe try is maybe ruff them up with light sanding to help bed them in quicker / could try filing off the paint on the edges of the pads "the metal backing" where they seat into the carrier and ensure there is adequate lubrication on the carrer and the edge of the pad top and bottom "copper grease as such" on there so the pads are able to move freely on the carrier back and forth when the brakes are applied and free'd off..they could maybe try slightly filing off the edges/leading edges of the new pads "the braking surface of the pad" not the metal backing - and see if that works.but if these pads have just been put in then it possible you need to give them time to bed/settle in.I do hope this helps