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I have a Peugeot 307 estate HDI 2004 2 litre diesel which is

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I have a Peugeot 307 estate HDI 2004 2 litre diesel which is breaking my heart. I have had to replace brake discs four times in less than twelve months due to fact whole front of car shaking, interior cab and steering wheel shaking also. My garage don't know what is warping the discs, last set went in less than 6 weeks ago and starting to go already. I rearended someone last september and the front bumper up to bonnet was replaced new. I have also changed power steering pump, timing belt, water heater, drop links and reguarly serviced car. Garage keep saying water must be getting in to cool down brakes. The car was recalled by peugeout in 2011 to fix a fault with ABS and was fixed by other garage but can't find out what fault was and if it could be affecting brake discs now. Please help. I won't sell on these problems to someone else in good conscience.

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When the vehicle brake disc are replaced and are new,how are the brakes and the pedal pressure?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
the car feels like new when the brake discs are first kick back from brake pedal no shaking vibration inside car.

Ok,I don't believe this is a water issue that is warping the rotors. From what you are describing this is a pressure issue from the brake calipers applying to much pressure. The reason this normally happens is the master cylinder is internally failing or there is a bent brake line. What I would suggest is to have the brake lines looked over really well and the master cylinder checked.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
they said they changed and checked the calipers.could they have missed it? If u ask a garage to check the brakes and pay for discs twiceshould the calipers have been done earlier.when u say check the brake lines what exactly should they find?i've got so many excuses from garage i need to b specific.wat about fact peugot recalled car due to fault in abs?can this have any effect? Sorry but this has been goin on so long and the garage have been so unhelpful i have to b specific with them. I appreciate ur time aand expertise. They e
ven suggested washing my car was causing the problem.
I don't believe the issue with the abs will cause this problem. The calipers get there pressure from the master cylinder which is how all 4 wheels have brakes. The master cylinder applies the pressure to the calipers to open and close so therefor replacing the calipers will not help if the master cylinder is the issue. During a normal brake job the calipers are not included unless they have failed. As far as the brake lines what they will be looking for is any restricted lines meaning vent or restricted with debris. The master cylinder needs to be checked for the proper pressure being applied because to much will cause this problem. To check this they will need to use a scan tool. Washing the vehicle would not cause this problem as people wash there car every day. For the garage and as a mechanic it's basic trouble shooting. The master cylinder runs the show,that should have been eliminated before the calipers were replaced.
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