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How to change the rear brake pads on picasso c3 2009 HDi

Customer Question

How to change the rear brake pads on picasso c3 2009 HDi
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.



Hopefully i can help..


Provided you have the correct tools/axle stands/ trolley jack - you'll need to ideally ensure the vehicle is on level ground & front wheels are chocked both front and back - as you will need to release the handbrake to carry this out - then remove both "ideally" or each back wheel if prefered..Once you done that and the vehilce is supported with axle stands/trolley jack - then on the caliper you will see two bolts top and bottom "as in diagram below".you can also too remove the end of the hand brake cable from the rear of the caliper if prefered but not essential in some cases...Once those 2 bolts are removed then it a case of levering off the caliper away from the pads/carrier,sometimes you may need to use a hammer to lightly tap it off the carrier if a little stuck,once off then support the caliper on somthing so it doesnt put to much strain on the hose - then remove/lever out etc the old pads / and too the shims "replace if required or clean up" aswell as the carrier itself.and install the new pads inc shims exactly the way they where before removal.apply a small mount of brake/copper grease to the "non braking side/or painted side" of each pad/also ensure the sliders top and bottom the bolts you removed go into - are free and able to move back and forth easily - then its a case now of having to retract the caliper piston'll see two slots on the face of the piston - you need a "caliper piston rewind tool" - this turns the piston aswell as apply force to wind the piston back into the caliper - ensuring its done slowly and evenly to retract it back in - aswell as inspect the brake reservior incase it overflows..once the piston has been wound back in then refit the caliper back on over the new pads and refit the bolts back on the way they where before as tight as they will go..then refit the handbrake cable end - repeat on the other side - once all done and then apply the foot brake several times slowly till it becomes hard a re-seats the rear calipers against the new pads - then apply the hand brake a few times-re apply and refit the wheels.If you dont have the required tools as above then im sure any good local garage should be to do this well under an hour or so..I do hope this helps..if you need to ask anything else,during the job etc then just continue..