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Ross, Diagnostic and repair technician
Category: Car
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Experience:  Licensed diagnostic and repair technician
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I have a peugeot 407 diesel. When I first start after been

Customer Question

I have a peugeot 407 diesel. When I first start after been stood for a while it struggles to start. But once I've run the engine for a few mum and start again it will start ok. I have changed the fuel filter and air filter but still the same.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Ross replied 4 years ago.

techmachine :

Hi, welcome to Just answer! My name is Ross and i will help with your question.

Do you get much smoke or lumpy running when it does eventually start after being stood?

JACUSTOMER-q3k4tkwt- : Hi Ross no car runs fine when started. There's a tiny but of smoke but once warm then there is no smoke. It just seems to be after been stood for a while.
techmachine :

Ok, does your glow plug light come on and go off again after a few seconds when the ignition is switched on?

JACUSTOMER-q3k4tkwt- : Yes glow plug light goes out after few seconds when I turn ignition on
techmachine :

Ok, it could just be a case of replacing the glow plugs, as they get older they can start to degrade and not work as effectively, even in warm weather the plugs are still important for effective starting. You can try switching the ignition on and off several times so the glow plug light comes on and off 3-4 times to give them a chance to get extra hot, if it starts easily after doing this... it confirms the glow plugs are the problem. At this stage i would like to rule them out before going any further as its the most likely problem.

JACUSTOMER-q3k4tkwt- : Ok thank you for the help. I will try this method.
techmachine :

No problem. give it a go and get back to me if you need any further assistance or have any problems. If your happy with my answer, please remember to rate me, thanks, Ross.