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2004 corsa C cdti 1.3 faulty turbo, what is the correct method

Customer Question

2004 corsa C cdti 1.3 faulty turbo, what is the correct method of replacement?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.



Hopefully i can help..


The turbo unti comes straight out from underneath along with cat aswell so you can split the two away from the car..the top 3 studs to the exhaust manifold can tend to snap so you will need another 3 of those - but usually lots of wd-40 and time to soak in should get them out ok..You also need to remove the cover heatsheilds to see the unit - disconnect the exhaust front end section from the rest of the system,plus clamps and at cat / also remove the oil feed line ontop of the turbo unit "new washers for that" - you'll see that line go from the turbo to the oil filter housing or just above the heat exchanger/oil cooler - then under side return oil hose - looks like a flexi hose to the engine block from the underside of the turbo unit "new gaskets for that" - then remove the turbo unit from the exhaust manifold - you will need new gaskets from the turbo to cat and turbo to exhaust manifold..I can give the offical below too if required..aswell as that once all done replace the engine oil and filter too..I do hope this helps..If you need to ask anything else just continue..