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Well here goes this is a good one.........................

Customer Question

Well here goes this is a good one......................... Help , Help , Help

I have a 03 plate ford transit 2.4 Duratorq engine (DOFA) 125ps, Loads of miles No Probs
It has become really hard to start, need to turn the engine over for over a minute and a half for it to kick in, the cranking speed is fine, once it starts it runs fine, the glow plugs have not worked for the last three years but it has always started with 10 secs of cranking, 20 secs on cold days.

I have a sister vehicle to this one which sarts and runs fine but is not on the road at the moment so it gives me access to doner parts, this is what I have tried so far, i am really out of ideas if anyone can help...........

Fuel Filter head and filter and pipes to the pump and pump unions repalced.
Fuel Pump replaced (Codes Virginalised) Injectors replaced.

Timing Chain, tensioner, guides all replaced "New" timed up with correct pins in flywheel, pump and camshaft gears.

crank sensor replaced "New", oil pressure switch replaced "New", catalytic converter replaced (attempted start with the rest of the exhaust system disconnected)
"New" Turbo charger cartridge fitted, Inlet manifold removed cleaned the gunge out, exhaust to EGR pipe Blanked off, ( attempted start with intercooler pipe disconnected)

Totally out of ideas now, the fault just started one morning, it didnt come on gradually.

when cranking there is faint pufs of light grey smoke coming out of the tailpipe, one it starts there is a large cloud of this light grey smoke and very sooty marks on the ground.

Next to no smoke at all when driving even with fooy flat down, pulls maybe 5% less when fully loaded, still accelerates fine fuel consumption does not seem to be any worse.

doesn't run hot, doesn't use oil, doesnt lose water.

Just wont start until cranked for about 90 secs !!!

PLease give me somwhere to look, (Ran out of ideas)

Many Thanks Nic.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Mark replied 4 years ago.

Mark :


Mark :

Why don't you replace the glowplugs and make sure the glowplug timer works. You seem to have tried everything else except the the parts you know are faulty.

Mark :

When you have the glowplugs out you should also check the cylinder compressions are all good.