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I have a saab 93 convertible y reg in really good condition

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I have a saab 93 convertible y reg in really good condition and the heater fan has just packed up??? I have had the fuses checked and they're ok can you please help me.



Hopefully i can help..


I asume from your description the fan does respond via the controls at any speed?


Was there any previous problems with it for example not working on certain speeds etc?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

no, it was working fine and it just stopped. I have pressed the off and econ buttons at the same time and it says acc/ normal ??/

Hi..there thanks for your reply..


Ok..If the fan has just stopped..then it either going to be the control panel at fault or the blower resistor or the fan unit itself has seized..You can check the fan has gone like that by lifting the plastic panel just below the windscreen/at the rear of the engine bay to access your pollen filter remove that and you see the fan and see if its still able to be moved by hand- sometimes they can seize up due to water ingress faults,which isnt uncommon so definatly check that - the next area if you have checked the fuses is to see if the fan unit is getting obviously need to get proper access to the fan unit to check that and see if a feed is actually getting to would need to remove the entire glovebox to that im afraid aswell as check the connections for problems..if there is no feed getting to the actual motor then its probable the fan resistor has gone..I do hope this helps

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