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Matt, Mechanical Engineer
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why am I getting oil in the water resovoir bottle on my 2.5v6

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why am I getting oil in the water resovoir bottle on my 2.5v6 freelander thankyou.

this points to either a cracked cylinder head / block or a failed head gasket thats allowing water and oil to mix

I'd suggest the best option would be to try a a bottle of this treatment as I've known it to be successful in sealing small leaks

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

water is under pressure so I should be getting water in the oil but im not the temp gets to normal and stays there.


the other possibilty is if the water pump bearing is failing thats allowed a load of grease into the water

If this is the case then its likely that the water pump may squeak or feel rough to turn (once the drive belt is removed)

So I'd try popping the belt off and have a feel of all the pulleys for rough / tight spots

if the pump feels tight in anyway then replace it and drain the water completly - flush through with fresh water - then top up with anti-freeze

then keep an eye on it for the next few days to see
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I used the kalimex there is still a small amount of oil in the water could this be just the residue in the pipe from the bottle to the engine .there are no noises or rough running of the water pump. Thanks.

Hello Roy

unless you've drained it all off and flushed it through with fresh wate then yes you will get some residue left behind

I'd suggest doing a drain and flush in a few weeks time to give the K-seal a chance to do its work