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Robert, UK Qualified Car Technician
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Hi Robert , I was driving my toyota aygo to work this morning

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Hi Robert , I was driving my toyota aygo to work this morning when I noticed a loss of power. The oil light then came on and then the engine fault light. The car was juddering.
I stopped my car and filled it up with a some oil. I then took it to the nearest garage.
They said the oil level was fine and thought it needed a coil pack. However, this did not resolve the symptoms . ( i had 1 of the 3 coil fitted 6 weeks ago following juddering which fixed the problem)
Following advise from a engineer , they said it was not good news .they saidthe compression was low and I would need a new engine. Should I get another opinion?

Hi..there sorry for delay..


How low was the oil intially before you topped it up and was there any blue smoke that you could see at any point from the tail pipe or any unusual running noises before hand.?


I notice you say the engine light was did the garage find out what codes was stored in the ecu etc?


The coil packs..where these aftermarket or dealer sourced?


Which cylinders did they say was low just one or two or all three cylinders being 1.0litre?



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I dont know how low the oil was because I didnt check it. I just filled it with the little oil i had in the car.there was no blue smoke . There was a ruuning sound that returned a few weeks after I had a new cole fitted.


The garage did not check codes etc.


Im not sure about the coil pack I had done several weeks ago

The garage i went to today did not fit the new coil in the end because the

symptoms remained.

Im sure it was just one cylinder .

One cylinder

Hi..there thanks for your reply..

Ok..Im kind of surprised they didn't check for faults..especially so seeing as the engine light is currently on..that usually means the ecu is currently seeing the fault and would give a better idea if the problems mechanical or more ignition fault/sensor even..If a second opion is something you feel you want to do then it would be worth having that done..Also it possible to get faulty coil packs so that would have to be something to bear in don't say whether the sparkplugs where replaced at the same time..In regards XXXXX XXXXX compression fault.this could be 4 things either a bad pistons rings "possible overfuelling on that cylinder,bad injector maybe and thus washes the rings out and thus wear them down causing compression to leak past the rings.and effect the cylinder wall.then yes a new engine would be more cost effective / exhaust valve/inlet valve leaking again you could get the cylinder reworked/headgasket again cylinder head removal and replacement of the gasket..they need to do a proper leak down test on the offending cylinder or all cylinders to see where exactly where the compression is going.that would determine the fault more accurately.and maybe worth getting a second opion on harm in doing so if you feel the diagnoses or checks wernt thorough enough.. If you wish you could try this site I do hope this helps..If you need to ask anything else or include further info then just continue before you rate
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