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hi ive just tried to start my renault master 2.5 dci 2004 the

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hi ive just tried to start my renault master 2.5 dci 2004 the battery was a little down and it cranked slowly it was a frosty night when i tried to crank again the engine will not even attempt to crank , i then tried jump leads same thing ,the starter doesnt attempt to engage ,could it be the fuel pressure rail setting up a fault code which then prevents the engine from cranking

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No this is not stopping you from starting .

The battery voltage and cranking amps are to low ,

What you have to do is fully charge the battery or fit a known good battery then try again ,if your battery is very low charged that it will not even turn your starter a jump start from another car will not help, unless you leave the two hooked up and wait 5 minutes for the jump car to charge a bit of power to your battery, then you can try and start .

Here is what to do to see what the problem is if does not start after charging your battery . A fully charged battery has around 12,6volts .

Connect a volt meter to the battery and with a second man have him attempt to start ,now take note of the voltmeter it should not drop lower than 9.6 volts if it does replace the battery if stays at around 12volts then replace the starter motor .

Do this and get back to me if needed.


My goal is to provide you with excellent service – if you feel you have gotten anything less, please reply back with the reply box below and not the poor or bad service button ,

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Rgds Greg


Once you have the engine running check the battery voltage should have 14.volts +/- .5 volts

if lower your battery went dead due to a bad alternator .



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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi thanks for that ive got a good battery on charge a for a few hours which i will fit soon ive a feeling its not the battery though because when it tried to start on the jumps the headlights were accidentlly put on and they didnt dim as the key was turned also when reconnecting the battery there is a noticeable spark with everything switched off as if something is drawing power from it ive never noticed this before when the battery is connected also the engine stop light is on when the key is in the acces position

regards mark

Hi Mark .

When you have a fully charged battery do the test above and we will see .

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi battery reads 12.8 still no joy though absolutely dead would i be correct in thinking if i put the key in running postn and take a live jump lead to the live terminal on the starter it should turn it over if the starter is ok

regards mark

just warming my pinkies now

ps how many questions can i ask

Hi Mark .


Yes this will work if the starter is okay and will eliminate this as the problem if noting happens then you have a bad starter ,


But you have to connect to the "S"terminal .



Rgds Greg


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi sorry for not getting back unfortunatley our village had the power cut off for the last couple of days by the storm , yep starters deeeeaaad and blown 40 amp fuse supplying it

thanks very much for pointing in the right direction

regards mark

Hi Mark.

Good work .

Have a good Christmas and new year .

Rgds Greg