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hi my berlingo is very sore one engine coolant/ anti freeze

i topped it up yesterday... Show More
i topped it up yesterday and the light on the dash is flickering on and off looking for more 2day its the light 2 the left of the battery light and the van is very sore on diesel aswell i got the brakes done but still very sore on it and the diesel light comes on wen the hand is a bit above 1/4 a tank must not be reading write
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Hopefully i can help..


Is the van actually loosing coolant/antifeeeze and by how much do you need to top it up?


Any engine management warning come on since or prior to this fault?


I asume from your question its using too much diesel? have you noticed any excess smoke from the tail pipe / increased level in the oil etc/ missfiring?


Whats it like when starting from cold and hot engine?


What sort of mileage does it have?

Customer reply replied 4 years ago.

ts not right and the millage is 180,700 miles

Customer reply replied 4 years ago.

coolant prob sorted need somekind of plastic engine management light at all.yes using 2 much diesel some blue smoke usually wen cold oil down on dipstick a wee bit not 2 bad no missfiring.wen cold and i turn sterring wheel fan belt squeels and wen full cut is on the battery light comes on and bleeps then goes out van has 180,700

Hi..there thanks for your reply..


Ok..Firstly it would be worth at least to rule as such and possible fuel leaks you can spot - usually best to start off from the tank itself and follow the lines upto the engine bay/fuel filter housing then from that to the pump then to the injectors and the small leak off lines..Just to be sure the high use of diesel isnt actually due to a leak so certainly check that with the engine off and then again with the engine at idle when the system is upto to pressure...high diesel use can quite number of things from faulty injectors "maybe try an diesel injection cleaner in the tank" or the actual fuel pump/ timing itself so certainly have the timing belt inspected as such too..another thing to check or clean out is the MAF sensor "Mass air flow sensor" - this sits just after the airfilter - and check inside that the fine mesh isnt blocked or can get special mas air flow sray to spray into the meter itself in the opposite direction of airflow..and let it dry itself dont touch the small sensor inside..sometimes a faulty mass airflow meter can often cause an overfuelling or as you describe a lack of power all through the gears they can be cleaned to see if any change to fault occurres or the whole mass meter replaced so certainly check that aswell as any restrictions wise in the intake far as the squeeling goes as per the auxillary belt then with the engine off - check the tension on it and see if it too slack as aswell as its overall condition sometimes older belts will tend to do this as they get older so it maybe worth replacing it aswell as with the belt removed beofre refitting - take the oppertunity to check each pulley you see the belt runs isnt binding and are free to spin by per the blue smoke then this can be a since the engine is ingesting engine oil and burning it..if this happens more so during start up then its possible you may have valve stem seal issues allowing oil to pass in the cylinder(s) when the engine is off.or the oil quaility is bad..if it hasnt had a oil/filter change in a while then it maybe worth trying that..and see if that helps..I do hope this helps

Customer reply replied 4 years ago.

thank you very much thats a great help will check all that