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Matt, Mechanical Engineer
Category: Car
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Experience:  BEng hons Mech engineering, in auto industry 22 years
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when you open any door the headlights come on & it refuses

Customer Question

when you open any door the headlights come on & it refuses to start!
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Matt replied 4 years ago.

I'd say that this is a fault with the immobiliser / security system

1st thing to check is the condition of the key-fob battery as these need replacing every 3 years

if this doesn't help then try resetting the ECU by disconnecting the battery cables and clamping them together for 10 mins. Remove both battery leads from the battery then use a nut and bolt or G-clamp to hold both battery lead terminals together.

This discharges any capacitors / memory within the ECU and around the car so ensures all memory settings are wiped clear - back to the factory default.

This will reset all the systems on the car and you may need the radio security code to get it going again, and ensure that the keys are in your hand when you re-connect the battery as the car may lock and turn on the alarm

and if that doesn't help then I'm sorry to say its time to get the dealer involved who can plug into the car and force the key fob to re-sync to the car and also check communincation between the security module and ECU

sorry its not a more DIY answer
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

it didn't work matt ,but the weather was disgusting! will try again new years day. anybody know where the Ecu for the security module is located on a Berlingo multispace??

Expert:  Matt replied 4 years ago.
Hello Jack

the security 'module' is bult into the key lock / ignition barrel as this is coded to match the ECU
If either one is replaced then some re-coding is required to get the two to sync up again

So I'm guessing that this hasn't been done

sorry to say that this is a job for a dealer only