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Matt, Mechanical Engineer
Category: Car
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Experience:  BEng hons Mech engineering, in auto industry 22 years
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Hello in October we had a fuel leak on our Citroen C4 Grande

Customer Question

Hello in October we had a fuel leak on our Citroen C4 Grande Picasso.
This was repaired by a garage – a seal had gone but it meant taking the entire fuel tank off. This may be unrelated to what has happened since.
Ever since then we have had numerous problems. The first problem we encountered a couple of days later was a complete loss of power and the car seemed to go into limp home mode. Numerous errors came up on the dash. These were Handbrake fault, de-pollution system faulty, ESP / ASR faulty.
Turning the car off and on again seemed to reset the car however on harsh acceleration the problem reoccurred.
We booked it back into the garage assuming that a fuel line had been pinched. When the garage carried out diagnostics it came back as no fault.
The independent garage then took the car to Citroen who said it requires a software update. This was carried out for £100. ( I did ask why it would require a software update having been fine on the current software for 70,000miles?!?!!? They could not answer this)
The next day, whilst out driving the exact same thing happened however I couldn’t get it out of limp home mode. We got the car home and called the AA.
The AA mechanic attended and started the car. He said from the sound of the engine he could tell that is was only firing on 3 cylinders.
He attached his diagnostic machine which confirmed that an injector had gone.
We had the car recovered to a garage and had the injector replaced.
Since then the car has continued to have the same fault.
Multiple errors appearing on the dashboard.
Limp home mode / lack of power.
The vehicle was also failing to start so it went back to the garage again. - Garage replaced the starter motor and carried out diagnostics. This time the diagnostics came back as fuel pressure regulator fault and de-pollution system pressure fault or puncture.
The faults seemed to clear when the starter motor was replaced – I am thinking this is just coincidence and there is an intermittent fault somewhere as the faults have come up on the dashboard again.
Faults coming up are things like handbrake faulty ( Which we know its not) So I am thinking we are not going to get any further with using diagnostic machines. Any ideas?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Matt replied 4 years ago.

someting that you don't mention is if the fuel filter has been replaced as if its even a bit clogged then this can have a big effect on power

also as the fuel tank has been disturbed this can also release a lot of dirt into the system an clog the filter

so i'd change it if you haven't already