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Battery flat no access to car at all with keys can I open bonnet

from outside 2002 fiat stilo
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Hello and Welcome..

My name is XXXXX XXXXX Im happy to help you ..

When you say under already tried " keys to get in"... what exactly have you done in that regard??

Kind Rgds, MIKE...................................
Customer reply replied 4 years ago.
No Central locking ,also lets will not open doors or boot .ii need to open bonnet to charge battery but can only do it from outside No
Hello again Glynn ..

Thank you for your reply...

You should be able to manually open the passengers door ( if not others ) with the key - but if for some reason you cannot - this is usually down to a physical fault in the lock - ie, rusting inside due to lack of actual use etc.. Often a good spray into the lock with Wd40 and trying it will work..

However, if not, then yes, the way would be to open the bonnet from the outside.

For obvious reasons, this in itself is not easy - In any event, in this situation, there are only two ways forward to get the hood unlatched and open..

One way is to work on it from under the vehicle ...removing the under tray / engine shield ( if fitted - some didn't have them ) and working up between the front of the radiator and the vehicle body to release the latch that way... This is very awkward and time consuming but it is one way and doing it this way, no damage is caused...

The only other way, is to "go in" through the front of the car- through the grille...

The way this is done is to use a good lamp to see through the grille...the latch..and then, using a long , strong tool / rod - this is used to unlatch the lock latch and the bonnet will lift...latching / locating your tool on the part of the lock that the cable attaches to ..

The trouble with this method is - its obviously not made to be opened like this as a security method - so sometimes and usually often, the grille / front has to be cut / damaged and ultimately gain good access to the latching mechanism to open the hood..

To be honest , I personally have done several of these and had to make the said cuts - but not terribly, in that it doesn't have to be replaced straightway - its just a cosmetic thing if you like - but of course really , it does need to be replaced ultimately ...

So, ideally, try the under body method first -

Neither is easy as entry isn't "meant" to be made like that but in such a situation - it is one or the other...

Now - there is another "way" -- that is - remove the undershield of the engine ( if fitted ..) then you can use a jump pack or battery with jump leads -- and reach up and attach carefully, the red positive lead to the terminal on the back of either the alternator -or the starter motor - then attach the black / neg lead to any clean metal part of the body or engine - that will give you a circuit for the electrics ...and then re try the keys in the locks.. that should work...

If not - you will need to get the bonnet open as above.

Let me know if you need anything more on this at all -


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Best Rgds, MIKE.

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