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My Dad took his Citroen C3 2003/2004 to have its MOT they said

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My Dad took his Citroen C3 2003/2004 to have its MOT they said they thought the injectors were leaking and to take it to a Citroen dealer to be checked . The dealer replaced the injectors but when they took it for a test drive they said it was sluggish and noticed the warning lights coming on they said it was a possible problem with the ECU and that the year of car had problems with the ECU. Up to that point my Dad had had no problems with the cr at all and it was very reliable, the cost to fix would be around £1000. Is it possible that the dealer has made a mistake or disturbed something while replacing the injectors ? Please let me know your thoughts , my parents are pensioners and really can not afford this bill ! Many thanks Teresa
Hello Teresa

if the car has warning lights on then it'll have a fault code logged which will point to the fault

if you can find out these codes I'll be able to assist you better
it will cost a small diagnostic fee ( usually about £50 ) to read the codes however it should confirm or deny the if the ECU is the problem and save you money in the long run
Also your're usually better off dealing with a independent specialistas their expertise will be as good as a dealer but their labour charge is typically half that of the dealer

if the ECU is at fault then I can also reccommend these repair firms as repair is a lot cheaper than replacement typically in the range of £80-£200
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