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Have a2009 1.4 fiesta. The other day after a short run,the

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Have a2009 1.4 fiesta. The other day after a short run,the ignition switch did nothing when trying to restart,AA replaced battery, now if I drive car for 600 yds engine cuts out,ignition lights come on and car does nothing when I try to start it again,leave it for half hour,car restarts after 600yds does the same again...Help !!!!
Hello and Welcome..

My name is XXXXX XXXXX Im happy to help you ..

When you say, the ign did "nothing" - I assume you mean, it wouldn't re start the engine... cranking but not starting.

All of this are symptoms of a faulty crank sensor.. or connection to it.. and indeed this is a common fault on this model.

So have the connections checked - to the sensor.. sometimes they get wet in them and that will cause this - as will corrosion on the pins... but if thats all ok - renew the sensor and given what you have outlined, that should see this cured for you. Again - a common issue on this model.

Kind Rgds - MIKE.

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Rgds, MIKE.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The car doesnot crank,but I get multiple faults on display and the alarrm light flashes fast,all ignition lights stay on until engine cranks again,about half hour later

Hello again Geoff..

Thank you for your reply...

Now that is quite different then. A crank sensor circuit / sensor fault - while will stop it starting - and even cut it out, it wont stop it cranking.. If it doesn't crank, you need to be looking elsewhere..

What you have mentioned above now - ie," I get multiple faults on display and the alarm light flashes fast,all ignition lights stay on until engine cranks again....".... puts a different light on the matter..

Those symptoms would indicate immobilizer / security system faults... stopping it cranking / starting.. But- a security system fault in itself, will not cut the engine out once its running... So - your faults are most likely to be found with either, wiring / bad feed / earth connections... or water ingress into fuse / relay boxes/ module faults... Any such issues will cause all that you have.

What I suggest therefore is a manual / physical / visual check of all the wiring in the engine bay - to inc the looms - and even battery connections and earth circuit connections / cables... Check very carefully the smaller earth connections that you see in the engine bay and on the engine. . Inc the connections to the sensors etc. Check carefully for any signs of water in the engine bay and interior fuse / relay boxes... Any as mentioned will cause this as you have.

Its worth making the physical checks as above - because after that, its going to be a module fault -and to "fault find " there, you have to be using plug in diagnostic equipment. Most owners don't posses such equipment so at that stage, you would need garage help - a garage that has the suitable equipment and software to connect to the OBD socket and that will find the fault if it comes that ..

So check it through as above - obviously if you find any such issues as mentioned above, you can rectify what you find.. But if not - you will need Im sorry to say, garage help as above to fault find and cure this issue.. you just cannot progress at that stage without the electronic equipment to deal with the electronic module issues that occur.

... Again, let me know how you get on or if you need anything else..

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Best Rgds Geoff... MIKE.

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