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The Red oil light is on. I put oil in and it is still coming

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The Red oil light is on. I put oil in and it is still coming on



Hopefully i can help..


The Red oil warning light is tells you there is pressure problem or oil pressure isnt really wise to drive the car in this condition so it would be advised to have this checked out asap.usually with such faults like you have done checking the oil level is vital -so if that is ok..then the next stage would be to have the cars oil pressure checked out to see if its still within spec to eliminate any mechanical issues oil pump/blockage - aswell as before which a full oil/filter change,make sure it is the correct oil for that engine and then see if that helps.if not then further investigations need to be carried out in faulty pressure sender/level sensor unit..I do hope this helps..if you need to ask anything else or include anything further then just continue before you rate

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I need to drive 10 kilometres home will this b ok



In all honesty especially when such warnings appear it wouldnt be advisable - you have to remember if the oil pressure is low this means that vital areas in the engine are not getting a proper and continual supply of lubrication - oil - for what ever reason,you would know this if the engine is running louder mechanically especially so around the top end - as highlighted above be it serious mechanical problem with the oil pump failing itself or blockage somewhere in the oil supply/passage ways/pick up in the sump all that needs ruled out..driving a car or running an engine in this condition would cause wear damage and more expense and could damage the engine internally further..its hard to say without proper checks if its mechanical or electrical as per a fault pressure sender etc..if at all possible have the car seen too instead wither it be a reputable mobile service to go the vehicle or be recovered to a recommended garage for further diagnoses..I know it may not be ideal - but that would be the best a safer option at this stage to prevent possible further wear damage to the engine/Turbo unit due to the low oil pressure..i do hope this helps further

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