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Matt, Mechanical Engineer
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Experience:  BEng hons Mech engineering, in auto industry 22 years
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Hi I was thinking about purchasing an 02 TT it as my everyday

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Hi I was thinking about purchasing an 02 TT it as my everyday car I clock up about 8k miles a year. It has 111,000 miles on it on it! Still a good car or too much mileage it's the 225bhp model. Are they expensive to fix if the break etc.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Il wait for a reply as iv paid for the service already!

these are generally good cars but there's a few things to watch for / be aware of:

With DSGs and S-matics, protective software can delay the message from brake switch to ECU that brakes have been released, allowing car to enter a junction or roundabout on the fuel in the combustion chambers, then momentarily shut off mid-junction.

Check the car's history. Many are grey imports and it's important to know what you are paying for (such as whether fwd or four wheel drive) and pay accordingly.


Anything left on the rear parcel shelf could shatter the glass rear window of the Roadster when the hood is electrically lowered. It can't be replaced and means a new hood at £5k. Roof of TT Roadster has a wear problem where it folds, so never, ever buy a TT Roadster with the roof down. Always raise it and carefully inspect it.


Timing belt, tensioner and waterpump need replacing at 60k miles, not the 80k Audi specifies. This is a difficult £500 job because access is poor. 1.8 20v engines are snapping their timing belts at 65k - 80k miles, often after the belt-driven waterpump seizes, and the extensive damage this causes is sometimes not repairable. Car will usually need a replacement engine.

1.8 20Vs suffer problems with air mass sensors which cost around £200 to replace.

All 1.8 20V turbos built from around August 2001 to October 2002 can suffer from failure of one or more of the four ignition coils,


Check the instruments carefully as a new dashpod is £900. Dashpods seem to fail regularly on older cars and cost £690 - £900 to replace. Particularly check for faced LCD/LED odometer readouts. Audi will pay up for UK sourced cars up to 5 years old and independent imports up to two and a half years old.


Problem of plastic fuel tanks splitting at the seams so check for fuel smells in boot


Chain between the two cams can fail if oil feed to ternsioner gets blocked, usually terminates engine.

The front anti roll bar has had a design change but no recall from Audi UK. There is nothing wrong with the bar itself but rather the 2 plastic collars that prevent the rubber mounts from moving sideways under load. These collars were attached in the factory before powder coating/painting. Corrosion occurs on the surface beneath the collar and eventually it splits requiring the entire bar to be changed and corresponding sub frame alignment. The new bar has metal collars. Audi may agree to pay for the work, costing £485


By 2009, early DSG heat exchangers were starting to fail, . Because automatic transmission fluid needs to be brought up to engine temperature quickly and then kept at close to engine temperature, it's common to feed a heat exchanger containing the ATF through the header tank of the radiator. The problem arises if any of the joints fail and engine coolant starts getting into the transmission. Can be terminal for the transmission.


offical recalls:

All 2,430 official UK imports recalled to Germany for extensive modifications to be made, including the fitting of ESP stability and traction control and a rear spoiler. Work took several weeks. Owners were supplied with an A4 courtesy car. Source Auto Express 16/2/2000. Official recall notice issued 17/4/2000.


Official recall 25/9/2001: On cars built up to March 2000 the bottom rear hub carrier ball joint can corrode and seize, leading to the lower suspension arms snapping at the hub ends. Owners to call Audi Customer Services on 0800 699 888.

16-10-02: On cars with 3 spoke steering wheels airbags may not work. Airbag to be replaced, but affects only 79 of 4,400 cars.


28-9-2011: Following detailed negotiations between VOSA and the vehicle manufacturer, VW-Audi Group (VWG) has agreed to replace all the injectors originally fitted to VAG group vehicles. If any of the original injectors has already been replaced, VWG will reimburse customers who have paid for this work themselves even if the work was completed outside of their authorised network. If your vehicle is within the range of vehilces affected then all fourinjectors will be replaced free of charge.

Matt, Mechanical Engineer
Category: Car
Satisfied Customers: 22925
Experience: BEng hons Mech engineering, in auto industry 22 years
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