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My Audi R8 is at the garage awaiting a software upgrade for

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My Audi R8 is at the garage awaiting a software upgrade for its magnetic ride suspension. I've been told this software comes by delivery from Germany but only takes 30 minutes to install once they have it. I've not heard of such a thing before and I would like to ask the advice of external experts who may be aware of what this genuinely entails and any information you could share with me to inform me why such an installation is necessary. Some background information: my '08 plate car has been with the garage since mid December '13 and has had the engine, dry-sump, clutch and fly wheel replaced. Having been off the road for nearly 3 months I'm desperate to get the car back, and although Audi have agreed to include a 2 year warranty on all the mechanical parts they have replaced, I feel frustrated when I'm promised the return of the car by the weekend only to then be told there's a further delay. This has happened for the 6 weeks for various reasons. To begin with it was because a 4lb in weight engine part was sent incorrectly from Germany three times! Then there was a problem with the coolant pipe (an engineer had been over-exuberant with replacing it and fractured it - which took another week for a replacement to arrive from Germany.) The latest issue is the magnetic ride software update I started this message with, and I have been informed that this is now the last thing they are waiting for. Audi have been apologetic and have stated that it has taken this long because Audi want to get everything perfect to make the 2 year warranty they are offering me valid. Have you heard of any other '08 plate R8 engine replacement jobs in the UK taking 3 months?

this job should have taken a week to 10 days at most so to still be without the car for 3 months and I can understand why you're upset

the suspension software upgrade is nomal procedure though but its not something that MUST be done in order to drive the car

its an upgrade to improve the operation of the suspension but not vital

you should notice some improvements in low speed ride and high speed body control once its all installed so its worthwhile doing
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