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Alfa Mito - Flat battery

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My Mito was sat not driven for about 10 days. It started fine and I drove to work then onto the in-laws where it then wouldn't start again. The battery light came on followed by dim lights then other warning lights came on and lost power steering completely, trying to get it on the drive. All power then faded completely and i had to lock it with key. My in-laws have fitted a new battery so she starts and moves, but the battery light still comes on and I lose the power steering completely and can't turn at all. Any ideas?



Hopefully i can help..


One of the first places to check in regards XXXXX XXXXX like this would be the auxillary belt - if you look down the left hand side as you look into the engine bay..engine off - check the belt is still tight and hasnt become slack or snapped even or is indeed still there - if the belts gone then that what will account for the problems above as you describe and would be a case of finding somebody to fit a new belt onsite - for example good local reputable mobile mechanic to come out and fit a new belt - before which checking all the pulleys the belts runs around - aren't siezed or failed before a new belt is put on.......

- another like cause if the belt is still intact could be charging fault issue in regards XXXXX XXXXX alternator itself which can be checked too to ensure its properly charging..alot of the systems if you have electronic power steering aswell as other engine management system will rely on the charging system working above that would be the next to make in regards XXXXX XXXXX belt etc..I do hope this helps

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hiya, sorry for being a bit dim but what is the auxiliary belt?

Hi..there..thanks for your reply..


The auxiliary belt is the exterior ribbed belt which spins your alternator "to continually keep the battery charged up" / air conditioning pump etc.. If the belt fails or snaps etc then none of those above will mentioned above if you have quick look within the engine bay down at the left hand side of the engine itself - you'll see the pulleys check the ribbed belt that runs over these hasnt snapped or become slack etc..if is then that would be your issue and would be a case of making the checks as above aswell as fitting new belt..Also ensure that the terminals on the battery are properly secure..i do hope this helps further

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