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I need some idea of average cost of repairing the rear brakes

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I need some idea of average cost of repairing the rear brakes on my 2001 Mitsubishi Space Star. They are grinding at moment. I just need some kind of figure to have in mind when approaching my local garage



Hopefully i can help..


Generally brake pads/shoes for these shouldnt be in the region of £20-£30 for a set - however depends on the garage you use and their supplier..

,but they arent at all expensive..labor wise again its hard to say based on as all garages across the uk tend to rate differant rates per hour so you would need to bear that in mind - if its just the rear..disc brakes prob around 1hr max - "if drum brakes on the back prob a little longer time wise..but they should also inspect the front brake pads too..all in all as an approx ball park around £70-£80..but the best advice really is to maybe give a quick phone around for the best quote locally from reputable garages..and pick the best one cost wise for the job in total inc vat etc..I do hope this helps
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