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My car failed MOT due to CV boot had come off, didnt look

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My car failed MOT due to CV boot had come off, didn't look like it had been running too long with this and i was going to replace gaitor. I got as far as taking off track rod end. The nut unscrewed most of the way and then it just turned. I tried putting pressure underneath with jack this didn't work so i cut nut off. I was hoping replace the track rod end but everything is about unscrewing the track rod and it has a clamp type fixing. How can i take off the clamp and replace the track rod end please? The track rod fell away from the joint and i have pushed it back together but can't drive it.

Car is Renault Clio Mk II i think late 98 or 99, 1.2 petrol, no ABS.



Hopefully i can help..


From what i recall the track rod end will have bolt/nut to undo on the clamp - that needs undoing the gap you see there try and open that up a bit with large screwdriver and hammer - then it a case of getting a good pair of mole grips and clamp it pretty much as tight as you rable to tight to the inner tie rod bar and another set or open ender spanner on the track rod end that has a form ara to fit a spanner too - hold the mole grips on the inner tie rod bar steady but just try and turn to undo the track rod end only as that screws off the inner tie rod ..Remember these will be pretty siezed if it been there a long time - so lots of wd-40 and let it soak in - But there maybe times or usually with alot of these direct heat will be needed to get things to expand / loose - but once it starts to undo Make a mark or whilst undoing count the number of turns of thread taken up so the can be preadjusted on refitting - so you count the number or turns it takes to come off the inner tie rod and that the amount of turns you take to put it back on the new one so it helps realign the track rod end back - remeber to clean up the threads on the tie rod and apply some grease before you refit the new one..which will be alot easier then once it screwed back the same number of truns the old one came off then tighten that clamp nut - and refit the ball joint to the hub and that should be that..sometimes after they been done it best to get the tracking checked something to bear in mind..But as above it not going to be easy if that ends been on there a long time...if you still having trouble getting it free after trying all the above it might be best to see if you can get a good reputable mobile mechanic to get it free for you..I do hope this helps..If you need to ask anything else or include anything further then just continue before you rate

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