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How to read fault codes ona ford ranger 2002 2.5 mazda eng

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Mark :

Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try help you with this.

Mark :

Turn the ignition off connect the terminal marked TEN on the 17 pin connector to earth then have an LED tester and put this in to the terminal marked FEN and turn the ignition on. The circuit tester should start to flash and if memory serves me correctly the glow plug light will flash in the same pattern at the same time. These flashes are fault codes, when the LED tester flashes it should start with a long flash followed by one or several short flashes then another long flash then short flashes. The long flash is a separator for the numbers of the code, if you get 2 long flashes in a row this indicates a zero between them.

For example a long flash,another long flash followed by 5 short flashes then 2 long flashes would indicate a code of 0500 (vehicle speed sensor circuit fault). Or 2 long flashes followed by a short flash then 2 long flashes indicates 0100 (MAF circuit fault).

You may need a couple of attempts to interpret the flashes at first but the pattern should repeat, all the engine management codes on this vehicle should be 4 digits the first flash should be a long one.

Customer: Ok will try that
Customer: 0k I'll try that
Customer: what about clearing codes?
Customer: and I need the codes and numbers?
Customer: do u know we're I can find this info please
Customer: The reason I ask this is I fitted a new cylinder head and temp sensor
Mark :

If you tell me the codes I might be able to tell you what they mean.

Customer: Ok I'll do it tomorrow now but can I record them and send u a quick video?
Mark :


Customer: Will disconnecting the battery clear codes?
Mark :

You might need to upload the video to a hosting site and then send me the link. Don't know if you can post video here.

Mark :

Disconnect battery and press brake for 30 seconds I think.

Customer: I'll put it on you tube and send link
Mark :


Customer: Cool did you work for ford?
Mark :

I worked for most franchises.

Mark :

Wasn't at ford for very long though.

Customer: Excellent
Customer: I have worked for BMW for a while
Mark :

I was 4 yrs with BMW

Mark :

4 yrs volvo

Mark :

8 yrs vauxhall

Mark :

4 yrs land rover jaguar

Mark :

What did you do at BMW

Customer: Mechanic got to senior. Tech
Customer: but now work in a independent garage
Mark :

Where did you stay when on training courses. Did you ever get put up at the calcott hotel with its grab a granny night

Customer: Did training at the old place in bracknell
Customer: Then the new academy in mortimor
Customer: Golf corse place
Mark :

I was at Bracknell a few times. The calcott was a dump but had a great disco on the wed night.

Mark :

Can't remember the name of the other hotel, was much classier but no action lol.

Customer: Hilton buy sainsburys very boring
Mark :

no luck

Customer: No lol
Mark :

When will you upload video?

Customer: tomorrow morning first thing
Mark :


Customer: great chatting to u
Mark :


Mark :

Back to the man u game.

Customer: good luck
Customer: Comes up with TPS open or short
Mark :

You will need to check the wiring from the tps for damage, bad connections and continuity.

Mark :

You can also check the tps using a multimeter on the ohms setting.