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Fitted smf and clutch in 59 octavia diesel. 2mths ago. Car

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Fitted smf and clutch in 59 octavia diesel. 2mths ago. Car is a taxi and has covererd 20k. Now pedal vibrates and when pedal depressed there is an horrendous noise from the clutch area. The engine is running lumpy. I have heard smf.s can snap the crank. have taken the clutch and smf out and no signs of damage or wear. If u turn the eng over by hand in one position it does seem to lock up at one point but then frees off.
Hello and Welcome...

My name is XXXXX XXXXX Im happy to help / advise you ...

To be honest - I strongly suspect this would have been a failed ( early ) Dmf.. ( you say Smf... but its a dual mass flywheel... Dmf ;)

That would certainly cause your noise and clutch rattle issues - but - it wouldn't cause the engine to lock up when you turn it ! -- That is - if you are saying you are turning it with the Dmf etc stripped off... If its locking up in that situation - then I would be concerned about internal engine issues too yes..

Yes you can get a snapped crank - but that would normally result in a real heavy noise - inc oil loss - as it oscillates and lets oil out the seals - and to - lock up of the engine eventually when running - but it would be a heavy noise from the engine when running..

I wonder if you have valve to piston contact - through a fault with the timing belt / gear... thats a possibility...

I say Im wondering - because obviously I cant be there to test / feel or hear it - so you are going to have to inspect these areas visually / manually..

As I say - Im saying the above because what you say about the engine locking up - you need to be sure of that really before much else - and that its not just compression stopping you turning it.. compression will stop it turning (by hand) and then as it escapes - you can then carry on turning... It could be just that ... in which case - no engine issues -and you are back to a premature failed Dmf.. To be honest - I think you will find this is the case.

So consider the above - and if you determine it is down to the Dmf you will have to complain to the suppliers - I know they are not favourable to Taxis.. but it would be worth a complaint.

I assume you ruled out any gearbox failure issues ...

Let me know how you get on / if you need anything else-

Very best Rgds, MIKE.

>>> >> > Meantime...

Please do click on the OK rating to Excellent ratings service for me now at this point , Thank you for that... and you can get back to me anytime if you need / wish..

Best Rgds, MIKE.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

This vehicle had a smf conv fitted when clutch replaced. As i say no damage or wear on it. Its covered 20k ish sincefitted. is fine but eng is running lumpy. The pedal is vibrating and the noisewhen pedal depressed is very loud. I.m going to take the crank out tmorro just to check. Eng seems to have power so its a strange one. Thanks.

Hello again Barry -

Thank you for your reply... and info. Im with you are saying with the Smf.. you mean a Solid flywheel - conversion.... is that right...

In that case- if thats the case - then yes - solid flywheels have no vibration damping capabilities at all / whatsoever -and so yes - you can get broken crankshafts.... The idea of the DMF's is to take the vibration out of the diesel engines,... so you do risk the damage with a solid conversion. They were a common conversion - because of as you know - the cost of the Dmf's etc - but people are back tracking now - as time goes on - the problems are showing up.....

So yes- you will need to check that --

Another thing to check though Barry is the main front damper pulley on the engine - these are known to "split" in the middle - in the rubber section - and hence, that cause a very lumpy running -and noise... so I mention that for you - just in case...

Let me know how you go on Barry-- I hope the above helps further.

.... I do just need you to please click on the "OK ratings" for me now at this point Barry - Thank you for doing that ...

And again - you can get back to me as much as needed - clicking the OK ratings does not close you out..

Best Rgds, MIKE.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Just to keep u in the picture mike and give u the info. Its cracked the crank on num 4 pot. So smf is not the way to go. Dmf is more expensive but a far safer option.

Hi there Barry..

Thank you for telling me the outcome.. It does prove a point yes.. as I mentioned before - more and more people are falling foul of this - as you say.. expensive route in the end..

Thank you again for letting me know - and I wish all the best..

If there is ever anything else.. you know where I am.

Best Rgds, MIKE.

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