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is the seat sdi engine noiser that caddy i have driven both

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is the seat sdi engine noiser that caddy i have driven both and it seems they are or would a faulty
injector or clogged erg effect engine noise ie diesel knock
a single injector costs € 50 do you think i should change all four and be done with it ? is it common that once one give trouble they all will .

its the same engine if they are both the non turbo 90Bhp variant

there is a 105Bhp tune as well you see

typically as the power comes up the noise also increases so the 90 bhp is quieter

and yes with a clogged injector or faulty EGR you can get diesel knock

whats more common is EGR issues so check the connections to the EGR valve, if either the vacuum pipe of electrical connection are damaged / corroded then the EGR can be on all time which certainly will hurt performance. Its also possible that its a fault with the EGR valve so its worth removing the valve and cleaning it out with brake cleaner, if it looks particularly clogged then replace it.

As for replacing all 4 injectors then that should not be necessery as they're fully self contained with each having its own small pump

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