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Hi I have a mk2 Renault Clio. I was forced off the road today

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Hi I have a mk2 Renault Clio. I was forced off the road today in my car, causing me to go up an imbackment and spin out onto another. It has knocked of my passenger side mirror and has a sml dent and scratches. But when I went to have to drive it home it was difficult to steer. I got my husband to look at it. He thinks the front subframe has been bent And the radiator is damaged. I can't undo the bonnet neither. My question is can it be fixed? And if so will it be expensive? Would a garage use scrap dealer parts for repair?
Obviously going through insurance. But wanted to know in case they wrote it offp



Hopefully i can help..


Certainly sounds like you have suffered some sort of suspension/subframe damage due to that accident in which it wouldnt of been advised to drive the vehicle..The only way to know wither this car is fixable is to have it properly checked over for damage and the would mean having to get the car in the air to check all that..aswell as any possible chassis damage..It really is going to be a case of having to do that.but what you say in regards XXXXX XXXXX stiff steering you have certainly damages the suspension or the subframe is way out of alignment.Im not sure what you mean by scrap dealer parts..if you mean getting parts from a local breakers yards then it possible if the subframe itself is bent,any other parts like lower control arms or suspension components/steering would have to be replaced new...body panels could be sourced second hand if you manage to find the correct colour match aswell as the mirror that can be got second hand..its the structural area on the front end cross members/subframe/suspension/steering/brakes aswell as tyres and undrside of the engine and exhaust system too would have to be checked properly only once thats been done will you be in a better position known costing etc which would be hard for me to say without seeing the car..I do hope this helps..if you need to ask anything else then just continue before you rate

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