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ive got a seat altea 07 petrol my drivers side footwell

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ive got a seat altea 07 petrol my drivers side footwell is full of water and passager near side rear
Hello and Welcome -

My name is XXXXX XXXXX Im happy to help you .

With these models, this is quite a common issue - The main cause of this is either blockage of the drains in the plenum chamber ( in the chamber under the screen - under the bonnet )...or, the seals in the cabin / pollen filter .

The first thing to do is check the cabin filter - to do this - you need to go up under the dash on the pass side - you remove the panel there and then you can see the cabin filter housing there - remove the panel to drop the filter out - and check for water coming out. If you do have water - you have to check why. Again - it could be just that the chamber as above is full of water - and to be honest, thats usually the case. But it has to be checked anyway - as even of its not full enough to cause it to come out the cabin filter - its causing the problem anyway usually.

So you have to remove the cover panels - open the bonnet to do this.. you may have to remove the wiper arms to. If you have to do that - you uncover the nuts on the end of the arms - lift the plastic flap top reveal the nut - undo the nut and lever the arms off... remember which is which for replacement.

Gain access to the chamber there then - and get the water out. If you look on the engine side of the chamber - on the bulked you will see the rubber drains- clear them out.. ( you can do this before removing all the panels too - but you usually have to get "into" the chamber to clean out leaves and debris and so on..

So one way or the other the problem is as above... but you can always let me know if you need anything else at all -

Let me know if you need anything else - If you do get back to me, I will get back to you asap thereafter - later today -

.>> >> > ..Meantime..............Please do click on the "OK/ Excellent ratings" for me as that's how Im credited for helping you - Thank you in advance for that...

You can and are most welcome to get back to me anytime you might need - clicking the OK ratings does not close you out at all..

Rgds, MIKE.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi mike check filter all good took nuts off wiper arms but arms will not come off tryed to lever them off not having any off it

Hi there Chris -

I do apologise - I had to go off unexpectedly yesterday -- So Im sorry I could only just get back to you now..

You can get "pullers" to get the arms off Chris ( from any good car shop / motor factors etc ) - but really - I have never had to use one of those ever - judicious levering ( minding the paint ) will usually get them off - and a good wiggle so to speak of the whole arm- while pulling upwards -

By now you may have done it - but if not, thats the way as above.. Let me know how you get on..

Kind Rgds, MIKE.