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I have a c 5 diesel 2.hdi and depollution light is on what

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I have a c 5 diesel 2.hdi and depollution light is on what can I do



Hopefully i can help..


What mileage has the car done and what is its service history like?


How often is the car used? ie:- on long trips/daily use or only on short runs etc?


How does the car perform wise at the moment since this occurred?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi, I have just bought the car bringing home it felt lazy then depollution light came on and stayed on it has done 152000 miles

Hi..there sorry for the delay..


Ok..the said warning is basically a generic fault message in regards XXXXX XXXXX emissions fault in which the engine managment has picked up on..relevent faults should be stored for you to enable to progress further on checks as they is really the case of diagnostically scanning the car - any garage would do that any given situation faced with the this problem..before checks are done or stripping bits out or replacing them even at cost unless something is seen visually out of place under the bonnet/ie:-loose hoses,fuel leaks as such ..there maybe many things it could be as that warning can cover a heck of alot of probable causes usually the most common can be from an actual problem with the dpf filter,differential pressure sensors / eloys fluid system / to even a fault with the fuel filter...only a proper test would reveal if it the case with any of those could try a new fuel filter all the same and see if that helps with the issue..but i would strongly suggest you go down the scanner,fault code retrival route first and see what exactly your going to be dealing with..Due to the fact it does seem to be lacking performance if that wasnt the case then sometimes a good blast down the motorway for about 30mins can often solve problems like that..but as above there is no other way forward bar the diagnostic route on this one im afriad.something you may want to take up with the garage concerned if bought from a dealer etc..I do hope this helps

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