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Recently had new water pump fan belt and thermostat housing

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Recently had new water pump fan belt and thermostat housing on 02 fiesta, but after driving the watr in the overflow tank is literally boiling hot. Is this normal?



Hopefully i can help..


How do you mean boiling hot? is the tank bubbling or throwing coolant out or just feeling hot to touch?


Does the dash temp guage showing overheating?


Do you get or still get heat into the car via heaters?


What was the intital reason for both these parts above to be replaced?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The water is bubbling inside the tank. The temp guage shows normal and the heater is working. Initially I was getting steam coming out of the water tank and the engine was smelling hot. So got new pump and fan belt. Got it back then had leak from thermostat hence new housing.

Hi..thanks for your reply..


Ok asuming you replaced the thermostat along with the housing..It possible you may have airlock in the system still or partial blockage in the system or radiator,i would also make an inspection of the tank cap too...or more serious problem headgasket related possibily if that exhaust gases getting into the system..that would only be confirmed so to speak doing whats called a sniff test on the coolant system using a special kit dye test kit to verifiy there isnt any exhaust gases getting into the coolant system or a compresssion test across theXXXXXid maybe try draining the system out again fully and have the system rebled - during rebleeding the heater must be set to fully open hot setting..but as above if the bleeding process has been carried out properly then the next step ideally anyway would be the block dye test to rule out the possibility of headgasket troubles..I do hope this helps

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It does thanks

Hi..there no problem..If you need anything else or need to ask anything then just continue..Please dont forget to rate my assistance most appreciated..regards Robert
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It had been using a lot of water before all this and run dry a couple of times. Would this explain anything?



Any loss of coolant as you describe would be either leak somewhere on the system which may have been your thermostat housing initially..unless of course the leak was eleswhere or the coolant was being forced out in which you find the expansion tank with alot of pressure when the cap was removed or finding its way into the oil..usually you would know that if the oil/coolant was cross contaminated if the coolant was going into the sump. ie:- alot of cream sludge under the oil cap or on the dipstick etc..but running dry wouldnt help as this could potentiall cause further issues with the engine in regards XXXXX XXXXX headgasket blowing..if it a small leak then a pressure test on the coolant system may highlight that..i do hope this helps further

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.