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Hi, I had a 40 mile reserve diesel in my evoque went to fill

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Hi, I had a 40 mile reserve diesel in my evoque went to fill up & put £40 of petrol in by mistake, In a panic I drove it home approximately 2-3 miles only, it drove all the way home without cutting out, The AA picked it up this morn ( Tues ) & took it to a local landrover dealer & they have told me it is going to be £3,500 to replace fuel system components after wrong fuel, after bursting into tears & feeling nauseated I left the car there without them giving me any other options to consider as anything else would in-validate my warranty, Is this genuine as other people have done the same or worse for less money, please can you help.. Jan

Hello Jan

to say that all of the fuel system must be replaced immediatly is somewhat harsh
while it is very likely the pump and injectors have been damaged, the fact that the engine was still running when you got home means it may not be as bleak as all that

1st thing to do is drain the contaminated fuel and fill the tank with fresh diesel

also replace the fuel filter and add a injector lubricant treatment like this

then if the engine seems to run OK I'd suggest having the fuel pressure measured at the injectors to confirm that the pump is delivering the pressure it should if this is OK then the pump should be good for the meantime

I would agree that this may only be buying time before the main pump starts to break down but its time that you could use to plan and save for the repairs


if the main pump pressure is lower than it should be then I'm sorry to say that its going mean a new pump and probably a set of injectors

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