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Was running low on fuel drove 30 m on resevere as got to job

Customer Question

Was running low on fuel drove 30 m on resevere as got to job she started to chug went and got 5 l off diesel and put it in but now it's hard to start and very low power at take off but will kick In after a while is it air locked ??
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Mark replied 4 years ago.

Mark :

Helllo, my name is Mark and I will try help you with this.

Mark :

As this is a diesel then you may have air in the system form when it was allowed to run low.

Mark :

There is also a chance that the fuel filter will require replacing.

Mark :

It could have become partially blocked if any debris from the tank has been sucked through when the fuel level was low.

JACUSTOMER-vtr7d8on- : Can I bleed this at any point and would driving it cause any problems to the turbo
Mark :

You should be able to bleed it. However you haven't given any details about the car. eg. year, make, model, engine.

Mark :

It will not have affected the turbo.

Mark :

Do you need to know anything else?

JACUSTOMER-vtr7d8on- : It a BMW 320d 2004
Mark :

You can bleed the system by running the intank fuel pump.