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Hi. Can I drive my Renault Traffic 1.9disel van without any

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Can I drive my Renault Traffic 1.9disel van without any power steering. It went today whiles driving to no power steering. I need to drive 80 miles before I get to my mechanic.
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Hopefully i can help..


If you've lost power steering suddenly - then it means one or two things..either the belt that drives the power steering pump has gone or snapped which means driving wouldnt be advisable considering that same belt drives the alternator which means if thats not turning then you get no charging on the van leading to a flat battery and all other electrical systems shutting down..if the steering system has leak a major one at that which you would need to certainly check for then again it would have to be a case of refiling.but the safest option id say would be to have it towed to prevent fluid spilling on the road surface..check your power steering reservoir and see if its empty..if it not and its full and the belt is intact that drives the pump..then you either have faulty pump/steering rack.Although it is posible to drive it without assistance it might safer in the long run have it looked at before your journey or towed in..

I do hope this helps
Customer reply replied 3 years ago.

Hi Robert. Power Steering failed not far from home. .half a mile. I parked the van and noticed fluid running from under engin .the reservoir was empty. ???

Hi..there thanks for your reply..


Id certainly check around the power steering pump as that basically bolted the belt side on the engine itself..if thats where you see the leaks dripping from..any loss of pressure or the pump fails to delivery fluid to the rack properly would cause that problem..basically check the feed line to it from the reservoir aswell as the body of the pump and the pulley shaft seal and the line from the pump to or feeds the steering rack.Its basically a case really of starting at the fluid reservior follow the line to the pump and then follow the line to the steering rack as you go looking for the leak aswell as the return line will find that the leak will most likely be on the high pressure feed line to the rack as it that that has the greater pressure in thats what to do from here..but driving with the loss of fluid at that rate if this problem suddenly occurred wouldnt be advisable considering you may cause more damage to the pump itself by running it dry if its not that at fault.You need to refill the system again at the reservoir to properly check for this leak and then take it from there..I do hope this helps further