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Renault Master 2005 2.5 100DCI - Ticking or clicking sound

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Renault Master 2005 2.5 100DCI - Ticking or clicking sound ( sounds more like a spark ) coming from in and around the timing belt area. I can't pinpoint exact location as the tick seems to be beside the belt then changes position to beside the wheel. The sound doesn't begin when the engine is first started, a minute or two of idling and it will begin. The sound doesn't increase with rev's and it's quite steady at about a 5-6 sec interval. It does tick faster after driving and slowing down again I can hear it tick at about a 2 sec interval then it returns to a normal 5-6 sec interval. No warning lights. I changed oil and oil filter and flushed engine so its clean and topped up. No noticeable lack of power. No overheating.

There is a wobble on one of the pulleys on the timing belt. But I think it's normal as I think its the guide/tensioner pulley as it has a coil attached to it so I'm guessing it's supposed to move.

Thank you.



Hopefully i can help..


You should not have any slack or play movement from any pulley that involves the timing belt or the pulleys its running over or being tensioned with..if that pulley you describe has alot of play felt in it , has a wobble in it.then it certainly sounds like you found your problem to be honest as they can cause similar ticking noises as they start to go or fail.then i would strongly suggest the next port of call would be having that changed..aswell as the timing belt itself and associated pulleys "guide pulley" that need to be changed at each interval..the reason for that is..this could be an early signal of failure if the tensioner is breaking up internally "thats the one with centre bolt and the mechanical adjustment using an allen key/pointer on it at the rear of the pulley" - so if any of those do fail - if the belt slips or loosens off then engine damage internally would be un as above id certianly be considering having that changed out if by your describe that pulley you mention has alot of play movement in it..I do hope this helps

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi robert, thanks for your answer. I got just went out to check it there now, to give you more information :


There are 5 pulleys starting from left - 1 large connected to the sump- 1 large I think its the oil pump - above that is a small non grooved pulley with what looks like a coil, thats the one with the wobble. On inspection when I place my ear close to it, the click doesn't sound like its coming from it but rather further back behind the engine block. Does that make sense?


what is located close to the driveshaft that could make a tick sound while idle? Or could it still be the belt but the noise is hard to pinpoint?

Any ideas as the noise is definitely further back.


Thanks again.

Hi..there thanks for your reply..


Yes the timing belt runs over 5 pulleys on the 2.5dci or the engine code G9U754 - starts from the intermediate shaft sprocket bottom most pulley - working up the belt in a clockwise direction you come to your timing belt tensioner as in the picture below - then up to the cam sprocket "exhaust" then over to the next cam shaft sprocket "inlet" - then down to the guide pulley - then back to the intermediate shaft sprocket...Normally its quite hard to pin point certain noises from the engine itself when it comes to things like this,but certainly if the noise comes from "timing side or behind the cover" then this is one of the areas to check on - this is off course with the auxiallary belt removed and the engine tested at idle to see if the noise stops or is still present. ..sometimes an automotive stethoscope can help narrow or pin point as such if the noise is from that or not by just resting the end of scope on the centre bolt/nut and listen whilst the engine running..But like i say above and as per the picture below if the play or movement is from that you shouldnt have any play or "in out movement or wobble at all from that" as its there to keep the belt tensioned and the timing in place..i do hope this helps further


Belt timing tensioner on the 2.5dci

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