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Greg, Technician
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I have a Mitsubishi Space Wagon automatic 1998 2.4 ltr. I drove

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I have a Mitsubishi Space Wagon automatic 1998 2.4 ltr. I drove the car and parked everything ok, returned 3 hrs later the engine started ok but no revs had to get home at idle seed only,the check engine light was blinking, also windows not working! evrything else all ok. the ambiant tem was 38-40c no shade, have not lifted the bonnet yet as to busy working away, hope to have solution for my return, I have been told that by pulling the plug on the euc unit and reconecting it will reset it's self?
regards Dusty.
Name is***** goal is to provide you with excellent service – if you feel you have gotten anything less, please reply back,

Hi Dusty.

When the check engine light flashes /blinks this means the engine is misfiring and a possible P0300 code is set, this you will have to check with a diagnostic scan tool or a code reader.

If you disconnect the ECU plug this will reset the system ,but there is no need to as all you need to do is disconnect the negative black cable on the battery for 10 minutes, then reconnect and see if she will start and run .but doing this will clear the codes and then you will not know what caused the problem .

Here is what the check engine light is for .


When driving your car and suddenly you notice that the check engine light is "ON", then this means the management system (ECM) has encountered a malfunction within the emission system .

In some cases you will not notice any difference in the driving quality.
Or you may notice the engine power has dropped or its starting to misfire ...

If the light is flashing then this will be a misfire code and i would suggest you get this checked and repaired asap, as a misfiring engine will cause catalytic converter damage.

Now if you don't notice any difference in the driving quality, then you are okay to keep on driving until you have time to get to a shop.

Ones at the shop they will hook up a diagnostic scan tool(OBDII) to check for malfunction codes .

Once you have the codes then you will know what has malfunctioned and what has to be done to rectify this problem..

Check engine light "ON" means you could have any of 100reds of problems..

For example the MAP sensor is 1 of many that will trip off the check engine light.

NOW in your case as the engine runs you could disconnect the battery as said above ,then start the engine and see how see runs if she is still misfiring then the malfunction code will come back on .

When was the last engine tune up done ,bad spark plugs ,plug wires ,coils ,will cause a misfire ,
If no tune up was done in the last 25k then do a tune up first .
Have the codes checked and work from the codes a bad TPS, MAF sensor etc will cause you misfires along with a bad fuel pump.

If you get the codes and need help decoding then please get back to me .

Dusty if you still need further assistance then please don't rate, just get back to me with the reply button, and I will get back to you or inform another expert to assist.
Also there is no extra charge after accepting .
Kindest regards Greg
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Greg, thanks for your info, yes the engine run's but only at idle No revs! the engine run's perfectly no misfire that i can detect, I have only just purchased the car so have no idea about check ups, I feel the high temp has something to do with it, and why can i not open the windows? unlikly i know but could there be a connection here? probly a fuse, but maybe not? also I dont think the car is fitted with OBD2 as far as i can tell it's a MUT system from Mitubishi the car was made in Japan for the asian market, I by the way am in Philippines out in the sticks, so servics dealers are pritty primitive away fom the city's, i can't drive 200+ miles at idel speed! also can you tell me at what intervals i should change the timing belt? Regards Dusty.

Okay Dusty .

A complete inspection at 60.000miles should be done which includes the following .
1,Timing belt .
2,Spark plugs
3,plug wires .
4,valve cover gasket
5,Spark Plug seals , (bad seal will let oil into the plug holes and cause the engine to misfire, maybe your problem/ check engine light flash).
6, cam and crank seals ,(use OE not aftermarket.)
7,Timing belt hydraulic tensioner, and the two rollers.

Disconnect the battery before starting to work .

Before doing this job .

Disconnect the battery for a few minutes then reconnect and then test drive is every thing back to normal.

You will have to oeder yourself a good code reader .

Something like this one .

You will have the 16pin connection its under the drivers side right knee will be black and is next to another white diagnostic plug.

Or as in some jap models it will be in the center consul in front or just under the cup holders .

Rgds Greg

Greg and other Car Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Greg, just been ckecking the car after a 2 week standing, engine runs like a sewing machine, and responds to the throttle! but engine check light still on but not blinking, last service at 125,000 klms, next due at 180,000
currantly at 145,000K the sevice was done in 2011!! timing belt due so will get it done next trip to Manila, consumption seems very high at 7k to the liter, maybe the misfiring? dont know what it should be,

will the OBD2 work on this car? Thanks your ecellent service and your patience will rate you next email.

Thanks Regards Dusty.

Hi Dusty .


Please check and see if you do have the OBD plug on the drivers side or in the middle consul .






will look like this .


Once you have the codes then you will know what you are up against .


Rgds Greg




Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Greg, Yes I rated you as excellent, and a tip of 900 Pesos which is about 10 quid give or take.

the car is running fine, I disconnected the battery, but light came back on guess it's the timing belt warning, my only problem is fuel consumption seems to me a bit high, will get it all checked out as soon as I get to a dealer, hey gas here is only 75p a liter so relly no worries. Cheers Dusty.

Hi Dusty .

Yes thank you very much .;-)

Get your self a code reader Dusty then only cost £40 or so on ebay
then all you have to do is hook up and check for codes and call me up to see what the problem is ;-) ..

Timing belt should be replaced every 60.000 miles as said above .

With the scan tool you check for codes, then send us the code and if its an easy job we can talk you though a self repair, as some sensor replacement are so easy and can save you 100 of £££ .

Thanks again Dusty and have a great week .

Rgds Greg