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After damaging the front propshaft on my 97 lwb trooper I had

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After damaging the front propshaft on my 97 lwb trooper I had a new one fitted the 4wheel drive light stays on there is also vibration through the cab and the front tyres are wearing on the ouside but the lever in the cab is in the two wheel position any idears
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This is just a simple case of having a 4 wheel ,wheel alignment .
Take your trooper down to the wheel alignment shop and ask for a 4 wheel alignment .
After any front end repair, a wheel alignment should be done .

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Kindest regards Greg
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello Greg sorry its me again just got back from the garage rear wheels cannot be adjusted but the fronts were miles out must have hit a real big pot hole 4wdrive light is still on but garage says its only in two and the vibration is still very noticeable they don't know what puts light on and off .I know they say you should not phone but I think you can put some letters in front of your number so I cant see it would be so much easier to talk on the phone

Hi Dennis .

If you have still a vibration in the front end then recheck the shaft you fitted was balance correctly and that you don't have misaligned U joints..
To check if this is the problem remove the prop and test drive with out then let me know if you still have the vibration still .

Rgds Greg
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello Greg sorry for delay had to wait for fitter, He has re fitted front prop shaft the other way round and vibration has gone thank goodness still don't know why the green 4wd light is on all the time now but he doesn't either any ideas I would be gratefull if not no problem just let me know and i will sign you off thank you for all your help all the beat Dennis

Hi Dennis ..

KKnew something there was a miss LOl .good thats sorted ,

Okay the green light is on most likely due to a short in the wiring or the sensor .

When i get back into my work room i will check this out for you ande show you what to check .

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