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hi my SEAT IBIZA 1.4 sport 1998/99 has stripped it cambelt

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hi my SEAT IBIZA 1.4 sport 1998/99 has stripped it cambelt ! how likely is it that there is valve damage or is it possible that engine stopped with no
damage ? so new cambelt water pump kit will fix it



Hopefully i can help..


All 1.4's inc the 1.4 16v - classes as an interference engine - so if in the event the cam belt does snap or loosen/slip off or strip teeth in your case - then you can run the risk of valve(s) clashing with the pistons resulting in one or several of the valves bending - on the odd occassion you "may" get away with it but that will only be fully determined once a new timing belt/water pump/tensioner etc has all been fitted and the engine timed properly and see how it runs, if badly then - the next step is to carry out a compression test on all 4 cylinders or a leak down test with the proper equipment on each cylinder at TDC - if the results of the compression test or the leak down test does reveal damaged valves on one of the 4 cylinders - then the cylinder heads needs removed and the valves replaced or the cylinder replaced as complete unit if you find one second hand - this will also inc a new headgasket..But for now i wouldnt turn the engine over any further even though possible damage has occurred..I do hope this helps

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