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I have a Ford Mondeo 1.9 diesel. I went through a river ford

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I have a Ford Mondeo 1.9 diesel. I went through a river ford and now it won't start - I've tried jump starting and bump starting but no luck. Starter motor (I think) whirs and it nearly started when bumped but no luck. Any ideas?



Hopefully i can help..


If the car suddenly cut out when you drive through the water - Make sure the engine hasnt ingested water through the need to remove and gain access to the airfilter..if its soaking wet..then it possible the cylinders are full of water and this can damage the engine beyond econmical repair - as water cant be compressed /and hydrolocks the engine..sometimes bending valves or piston connecting rods! ensure the airfilter is still currently bone dry..if not then the engines likely sucked water in..which means removing glowplugs.injectors to suck the water out...compression test on each cylinder.dry out the intake/intercooler system replace the airfilter.then refit everything back and if all tests come back ok then try restarting....So as above certainly check your intake system/air filter for water..I do hope this helps

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for your comments. We have already removed the glowplugs and there does not seem to be any water there (just diesel!). If that means that there is no water in the cylinders do you have any other suggestions?


Hi..there thanks for your reply..


Yes..but still make checks of the airfilter/mass meter.shouldnt be neat diesel pouring/shooting out,,use a vacuum hand operated Oil Suction Pump if it neat diesel/water mix in there and try again starting..also check oil level and esnure that hasnt risen too high ..It could be diesel/water mix.I only say that if this car cut right after or during going through this water - depends how high this water was..maybe check all the electrics//starting off checking all main fuse/relay panels within the engine bay..check starter connections/alternator connections/earth points follow all the wiring and ensure its dry.If there is any engine warning lights come since this happened then try retriving faults codes and see what they are saying and what steps you need to take next..It could benifical doing that next..I do hope this helps

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