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Hi I am struggling to make a decision over two 7-seaters

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I am struggling to make a decision over two 7-seaters I am looking at :-(

I currently own a GOLF 1.6TDI BMT through a PCP contract, I want to change it to a 7 seats car a I have 3 kids and find the GOLF insufficient for my family needs.
Now here comes the twist, as I started the PCP on December 2013 I am still at the early stages of the contract and I am in negative equity, the Finance redemption statement shows I owe 12,400 while the car has been valued 10,500.

I am looking at two cars at the moment: Volkswagen Touran 1.6TDI Blue Motion and Kia New Carens 3

Volkswagen gave me a deal as follows:

£4000 deposit to chip in (effectively only £2000 due to my negative equity)
Pre-register 2014 Touran (150miles on it)
OTR 19,000
Smart insurance
GAP insurance
Alloy & Tyre cover
VW Service Plan
3 years warrany
£303/Month over 49 Months (APR 11,7%)
GFV £7,200

Kia Gave me the following

£5000 deposit to chip in (effective £3000 due to my negative equity and part exchange)
Pre reg. DEC 2013 (2000 miles)
OTR 19,000
GAP+Alloy+ SMART insurance
NO service plan
SATNAV as standard
Leather seats as standard + lots of other features
7 years full warranty cover
300/month over 37 months (8,9% APR)
GFV £8000

I drove a 1.6 VW Touran before the GOLF and I have no doubt about the quality and the driving of the vehicle but the new Kia on the other hands has an impressive new Layout, it's a pleasure to drive, its fully accessorized and has 7 years warranty! I won't have to think about maintenance ever again, not counting they work at less extortionate APR.

When I speak to VW sales persons they cut short on competitors saying they have no residual value and I should not compare a Volkswagen to other brands, it this really a good point when comes to weight a car and a finance deal?

Can someone give me their personal point of view on these 2 deals and let me know what do they think about those 2 cars and the deals they are offering me?



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Hi Marco,

I don't want to offer my opinion on the financial side of things other than to say that the interest rate on offer from Kia is by far the best.
Purely from a vehicle point of view they are both very nice cars and drive very well. As an ex VW master technician I can assure you that VW's do not come without there faults!! Ask yourself this question, why would a company warrant their vehicle for 7 years if they had nothing but confidence in it lasting that length of time. Kia along with Hyundai, its sister company, are a brand that are making a massive push to take on the big names at the moment. They have invested a lot of money in quality and are topping that off with attractively designed cars.
Salesmen that say the VW will hold its value better are correct, but why get rid of a car with a 7 year warranty before the warranty expires? Drive it into he ground if you need to and start again.
From a personal point of view I would buy the KIA, It has better standard features, it will cost less to buy, it will cost less to repair over the course of 7 years and you never know they might become more of a desirable brand during that 7 year period and this will increase its second hand value.
I hope my opinion helps, but whatever you choose I wish you all the best.
stelol1, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Car
Satisfied Customers: 47
Experience: .
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