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Peugeot 407 diesel executive estate reg 55 seemed to be running

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Peugeot 407 diesel executive estate reg 55 seemed to be running absolutely fine then one day on start up made a horrendous noise, repeated about three times then stopped making noise. Car self diagnostic was ok only problem now is temp gauge rising within 5 mins of driving to over 90 when always before hardly moved at all.



Hopefully i can help..


Can you describe if possible what this noise sounded like and from which area do you know?


What engine size?


What its recent service/repair history - mileage etc?


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Engine size 2.0 noise very loud clanging like something hitting something else miles 119000 nxt service due 8000 miles

Hi..there thanks for your reply..


Ok..well if this problem with the temperature guage happenend shortly after the incident you heard..then the obvious places on that engine will have to be checked..first of all with engine off have a look down at the pulley side and ensure nothing has actually drifted off or running out of alignment..The belt is probably still intact as you dont say other lights have come on as far as alternator etc is concerned..but check it all the same - next check you cooling fan make sure it still spins and hasnt broken or hit anything start engine up and listen carefully for the same mentioned noise..if you still cant heard check is to get a garage/mobile mechanic run a pressure test on the system this ensure the noise you heard wasnt from the water pump and thus possibily failed/impellar fallen off or broken up - this is run via the timing belt so if faulty the engine would require that aswell as the timing belt etc to be replaced - if pump has failed hence the temp gauge rising quickly as the pump fails to push coolant around the system..i would advise having somebody come out or tow car to garage and do that testing or double check the water pump performance than drive the car in an overheating condition as this could cause further issues with the engine..So as above thats about the best things to check based on your description of events..I do hope this helps..

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