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Hi,I have a C3 Picasso 1.6HDI late 2010.I have noticed

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Hi, I have a C3 Picasso 1.6HDI late 2010. I have noticed some reddish heavy oil on the drive about 300 mm in and a little in front of the offside rear wheel. I jacked up the car and the oil appears to be coming from the bolt holes on a black plastic box. This leak has happened suddenly. What could be the problem and is it serious? Best regards ***** ***** Bill XXXXX



Hopefully i can help..


The only reddish fluid that would leak out in that area of the car would be your eolys fluid additive i would say - there is holding tank near the main fuel tank that holds this fluid which is injected into the main fuel tank at each fill up..that fluid is used to help reduce emissions/soot aswell ensure the dpf isnt blocked up prematurely..Usually these tanks should have protective covers under them to protect from stone damage etc..if you can see the tank and the fluid lines coming away from it then it likely the protective has been lost..the end result really from here is to have the cover if still in placed removed to inspect exactly whats leaking wither it be the tnak or the fluid lines to the tank/seals on those lines..and would involve having to the car up in the air/ramp to check this properly.eventually the cars ecu will detect,display a message in regards ***** ***** particulate fluid level low - the level dropping to a certain level if left unchecked which in turn can effect emissions/dpf itself.if the fluid needs drain and any part of the system replaced and or refilled back up due to loss - the whole system inc the fluid level sensor reset via a suitable diagnostic machine - usually one thats capable of dealing with brand like you have as thats the only way to reset the counter for the eolys level once the tank has been refilled..this is most usually a job that needs to be done via the dealer but you could try a local "good" independant or a independant specialist who can carry out the the job you require a little cheaper..I do hope this helps

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