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Garage tell me they replaced my old gear box with a recon one

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Garage tell me they replaced my old gear box with a recon one on vivaro 6speed cdi van 58 reg I doubt this they may be trying if on they charged £1000 to do this , no paperwork or warranty has been given they say because it was cash ? Plus the van was due fir extensive body damage repair , they initially told me the van would be written off due to this , I think they saw the opportunity to make money fir nothing , van has returned from body shop in good order , some thing they thought would not happen .
What can I do to check this repair did take place .

Jonathan sword.



Hopefully i can help..


What was the intial problem with the gearbox do you know? i asume this this van was in an accident?


Did they replace the clutch?


Did they say exactly where they purchased the gearbox from? ie:- online / local supplier?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi Robert
Don't know on all counts it was done quickly with out my knowledge through a third party who was helping he uses these guys for his own biz car dealer, it just seems dodgy .

Hi..there thanks for your reply..


Ok..With any recondition gearbox it should come with at least a warranty should it come from reputable gearbox supplier.this means a copy is supplied along with the receipts for the whole job..if no receipts is being supplied.they aren't doing things by the book..obviously if sourced from a breakers yard then you wouldn't get that as it would be straight cash sale but all the same you should know exactly where it was sourced and detailed in full on any receipts..also too..whilst the gearbox is out its always worth advising the owner to replace the clutch this means before the gearbox is put in and new clutch is installed - saves the same job carried out again down the line should it fail/wear the clutch i mean..on all accounts the garage are wrong to make a repair without your say so or to at least keep you upto speed on the progress..It pretty hard one to be honest without the full facts..can you get in contact with the garage that fitted the gearbox ask exactly the reason behind you the old one .where they sourced the gearbox "being a recondition one" they must of got it locally or online in which you may want to check up yourself with those companies to see if one was supplied recently to that garage in question..of course you could physically check the gearbox yourself..a reconditioned gearbox will have a very clean appearance as if it was opposed to one that been on there a depth checks would be bolts on the gearbox for recent removal and refitting aswell other components removed and refitted to gain access to the gearbox for far i know it involves the gearbox to be dropped out from underneath so inst a easy job..I do hope this helps..If you need to ask anything else or include anything further then just continue before you rate

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