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need to fix the rpm needle on my opel vectra c 2002

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need to fix the rpm needle on my opel vectra c 2002 is it possible to remove the backplate on the clock housing to get to the needle mechanism?

hope someone can be of aid here

Mike :

Hello and Welcome..

Mike :

My name is ***** ***** Im happy to help / advise you -

Mike :

Yes you can do as you mention - you will have to remove the cluster unit as a whole and then strip it..

Mike :

You can feasably get at it once the shroud is removed - and then remove ( you will see the screws ) the plex glass from the front - but often its found to be easier to remove it completely to deal with it...

Mike :

The needle should not come loose - it is rare - but you may find it will fix by simply applying pressure to the centre of the spindle with long nose pliers - and then see how it is... but thats the way as above to do this...

Mike :

If there is anything more by all means get back to me and we can carry on...

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You can and are most welcome to get back to me anytime you might need - clicking the OK ratings does not close you out at all..

Kind Rgds, MIKE.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

i got the needle out quite easily but the problem is still that it does not turn when i rev so i need help on what to do to get the needle to work again...i need some information on how to open the holder for the needle on the circuit card...there is a round white box for each needle that holds the mechanism for the needle and i need info on how to take this off so o can se if something is broken inside this holder???

Hello again Kenneth - thank you for your reply -and further info..

I was thinking from what you had described, that as I mentioned, the needle had come loose on the spigot -

If it is that you are saying the rev counter unit itself is not working, then you need to be sure that indeed the unit has failed...or something else in the circuit.

Often on the Vauxhalls you get bad connections - on the block connectors to the rear of the cluster - Other than that - its either a fault at the sender side - or the unit itself having failed - With these Kenneth, they are not designed to be user serviceable - in other words, you cant buy the parts for them - they come replaced as a complete cluster. Its not going to be anything broken inside Kenneth -if its a cluster / unit fault, its a winding / chip or pcb / board fault.

That said - there are companies that specialise in the repair of these units - ( they advertise widely on google - or I can give a contact )... Basically special tooling and equipment is needed for the stripping ( the white boxes you refer too and the Pcb's )and testing of the unit - and repair as / if found to be needed..... The units are tested for function with special plug in equipment etc..

Some people just to buy and fit a second hand unit to the car when you get such dash cluster failures - the down side to that though is, your mileage will be displayed wrong and the unit has to be programmed to the car its fitted too - Another reason why really its best to send them for test / repair when suspect.

What should have been done in the first instance would have been to plug in a OBD tester capable of Live Data readings on the car Kenneth - What this would do is connect through and see if a rev signal is being sent through the wiring - If it shows no reading - you know its not a fault with the cluster - rather, with the wiring / connections or sender on the car. If there is a signal - you know , wiring / connection issues ruled out - its a cluster issue.

Actually you can still have this done even though you have gone so far - and I would recommend it - so that you know exactly where you stand with this - and then therefore - which way to go next... you will know for sure then. Most small garages have the equipment capable of doing this for you and it should not cost much at all for that single test - That really is the way forward on this one now...again -so that you know exactly which way you are needing to be going with this..

Do let me know if you need anything more on this -

I do just need you to now please click on the OK ratings for me on this one now.. Thank you for doing that ..

Just a point - I note that you have not viewed my answer to you on your other question - when you have clicked on the OK ratings for this Kenneth - if you come back to here and click on this link HERE - that will take you through to your other question that I answered for you ... and then please click the same ( OK ratings ) on that one also..

Thank you very much -

Best Rgds, MIKE.
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